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Attractive Chathamcourt Reflections Private Patio

  • >The various apartment styles are well-designed layouts that present the finest in Chathamcourt Reflections apartment living. The 2-bedroom and one bedroom apartments serve as attractive accommodations with standard dimensions such as a living and dining area, a kitchen, bedrooms, a bath for each bedroom, a patio and a storage area.

Built with hardwood railings, satin smoothed and white painted, the Chathamcourt Reflections Private Patio or balcony is a major attraction of each apartment that enhances livability, reflecting some quaint yet animated life in Texas.

The Chathamcourt Reflections Private Patios are serviceable areas designed to add to the quality of living by private viewing of landscapes outside the apartment, or contemplation and by experiencing the flow of fresh air. Privacy is maintained by means of solid wall dividers between apartments.

Different floor plans show slightly different Chathamcourt Reflections Private Patios in terms of size or area.

Advantage, for instance, has a larger space with a total of 835 sq ft with two bedrooms and baths and has a living room of 159.31 sq ft, one larger bedroom of 120 sq ft, and one smaller bedroom of about 115 sq ft. Its kitchen and bathrooms are large enough and has a patio almost one half the size of the living room, about 80 sq ft.

The Wimbledon apartment has two bedrooms with exactly the same area at 110.32 sq ft. One bathroom has an extended dressing room, while the other bath is directly attached to the other bedroom. The living and dining rooms are contiguous and are almost the same area size, but with a smaller kitchen. Wimbledon's balcony area is about 91 sq ft.

The positioning of the patio also depends on the apartment design and floor plan. Court's patio is beside the living room and bedroom in contrast to the League floor plan where a large patio is located right beside the kitchen and the dining room. League has a total area of 759 sq ft and a combined living and dining area of 244.4 sq ft but with a patio area almost one half of the total living and dining area at about 115 sq ft.

  • Next, most balconies under the Chathamcourt Reflections Private Patio are rectangular in design, but a number of apartment designs like the Rally apartment has a square patio uniquely placed in between the storage area, the closet, the bedroom and living room. With a total apartment area of 636 sq ft, rally has a relatively large-sized patio, almost a half of the 11 x 13-foot bedroom. You can visit site :